Apuan Chair

This chair is a part of my MA 2 exploration into ornament and its role in furniture. This particular chair is 1 of 4 experiments I undertook to try and develop a new method of ornamentation.

The method in question produces a form of ornamentation that expresses a particular theme or context which relates to the adorned object in question. In this case the ornament was derived from a photo of the Apuan mountain range in Italy.

The image chosen to be printed is divided into different colour zones, or layers. Each zone is carved separately, there is often also a key block which is the black outline or main feature of the image. These are then printed in sequence and aligned such that they produce a more complex multi-coloured image.

When I have made a limited number of prints the woodblocks themselves are cut up and made into the chair. The inked and carved surfaces now become ornaments when repurposed as a piece of furniture.

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