Oyster Bay Oysters Print

This print relates to my first, and so far only trip to America. Me and my younger brother were visiting our older brother in San Francisco. Part of our stay was a road trip along the West coast, up North to Lassen Volcanic National Park. On the first day with a good few hours driving behind us we made, to us, an unexpected stop. Lunch, we were told, was over that dune.

As we crested a small beach nestled on the side of deep blue estuary came into view. A few huts packed with boxes full of ice sat almost in the water, beyond them, nets and nets of oysters sparkled under the beating sun. This was my first experience of this briny dish and I can’t imagine a better introduction. I forgot to mention, my brother had a bottle of chilled Champagne stashed in the boot of the Mustang, the vehicle of choice for our American road trip. Good times.

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